Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd

May 3, 2009


NOW FOR SALE € 25,00

Signed by Pattie, sealed and delivered for only € 25,00 (plus shipping costs)

Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd

Originally signed by Pattie Boyd!!

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Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd

May 3, 2009


NOW FOR SALE € 25,00

Signed by Pattie, sealed and delivered for only € 25,00 (plus shipping costs)

Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd

Originally signed by Pattie Boyd!!

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BEATLES McFarlane Yellow Submarine figures Serie 1

April 28, 2009

mcfarlane1 mcfarlane2

mcfarlane3 mcfarlane4

Now for sale: 

BEATLES  McFarlane Yellow Submarine figures Serie 1

John, Paul George and Ringo with their figures from the movie "Yellow Submarine"

Hard to come by, no longer in production at McFarlane’s.

Mint condition in unopened boxes.
€ 22,00 each,
€ 85,00 for all 4!

Shipping in the Netherlands € 6,75
Shipping Europe € 16,75
Shipping outside Europe € 24,00
more information: erna@beatles-unlimited.com

Now for sale: BEATLES McFarlane figures

March 12, 2009

John, Paul George and Ringo with their figures from the movie “Yellow Submarine”
Hard to come by, not in production anymore.
Mint condition in unopened boxes.

price € 28,00 each,
price € 100,00 the 4 of them
Shipping in the Netherlands € 6,75
Shipping Europe € 14,00
Shipping outide Europe € 21,00
info: erna@beatles-unlimited.com

"A Fool Such as I " (gesigneerd door Simon Posthuma)

October 15, 2008

info: erna@beatles-unlimited.com

de lotgevallen van Simon Posthuma

Simon Posthuma, 1 van de leden van The Fool, die samen met Marijke Koger de Apple Boetiek van The Beatles in Londen heeft opgezet. The Fool droeg zorg voor de muurbeschildering op het pand op Bakerstreet in Londen.
Helaas was deze schildering een kort leven beschoren. Door veel protest uit de omgeving hebben zij de schildering moeten verwijderen.
The Fool heeft ook veel van de kleding van The Beatles ontworpen. Een goed voorbeeld hiervan is te zien tijdens de vertolking van All You Need Is Love, waar alle Beatles leden en hun antourage de kleding van The Fool droegen.
In dit boek een verslag over het leven van Simon Posthuma, waarin hij samen Marijke Koger vele artiesten heeft ontmoet en voor heeft gewerkt.
Zij maakten verschillende platenhoezen zoals voor : The Cream, The Beatles, The Hollies, Boudewijn de Groot en Procol Harum.

Met veel zeldzame foto’s van John Lennon, George Harrison, Cream, Graham Nash, Timothy Leary, Raquel Welch etc etc.

Voor meer info klik op de foto.
Verzending per post € 6,20

Franck Leenheer Records

May 25, 2007

Franck Leenheer RecordsServing Beatles collectors worldwide since 1984!Mail address:Postbus 11019, 2301 EA Leiden, The Netherlands.Shop&Office:Morsstraat 44, 2312 BN Leiden, The Netherlands.Phone: 071-5131323                                 Bank:     071-5131220                                 Giro:2672010  A registered company                               BTW/VAT/TVA/MWST code:K.v.K.Leiden 28040420                                 NL-079748843B01_______________________________________________________e-mail address: franckleenheer@kpn-officedsl.nlBEATLES E-MAIL NEWSLETTER 22/05/2007Prices in EURO’S (€) and excluding postage—————————————————————————————————–*BEAT-MEET 2007 : SUNDAY JULY 1st IN LEIDEN/HOLLAND.-BEATLES COLLECTORS FAIR ! –DON’T MISS IT! -At:Antonius Zalencentrum/4Reasons, Lange Mare 43, Leiden, -open:11-16 Hrs.—————————————————————————————————–!!!!!!NOW IN STOCK !!!!!!!*Paul McCartney:Dance Tonight (brandnew UK 1 track promo CD in cardcover with promo sticker on back cover) Euro 45,00 (very limited stock!!) EXPECTED: prices and release dates subject to change! *Paul McCartney:Memory almost full (normal CD-June 1st) 19,75 *Paul McCartney:Memory almost full (CD with special booklet-June 1st) 19,75 *Paul McCartney:Memory almost full (CD + extra CD with 3 tracks + interview-June 1st) 24,95 *Traveling Wilburys:Collection (2 x CD + 1 x DVD-June 8th) 24,95 *Traveling Wilburys:Collection (2 x CD + 1 x DVD limited edition deluxe version with linnen bound cover + 40 pages book-June 8th) Price 32,50 *John Lennon:Legend (limited edition CD+DVD) 21,50 (June 15th) *John Lennon:The US vs John Lennon (DVD region 2) 21,00 (June 1st-?) *Yoko Ono:Open your box (2007 new remixes CD) Euro 19,75 (May 25th) ===============Also expected: Feel free to reserve but price + release date are VERY uncertain:*Paul McCartney:Dance Tonight (cd-single, extra track not yet known-June 18th??) price:??*McCartney:Dance Tonight (shape picture disc?-June 18th??) price ???*Travelling Wilburys:Handle with care (7″w/pc limited -June 1st?) 6,00 ?? NEW IN STOCK: **The Beatles:Love (vinyl 2LP- limited edition heavy vinyl + 28 page booklet)Very limited pressing (one pressing only and it will be deleted after that, says EMI) Euro 42,50 The Beatles Collectors Magazine (BCM): Brandnew magazine for Beatles collectors! Made by Beatles expert Ed Dieckmann this first issue offers the first chapter of Ed’s newly revised “Made in Holland” Dutch singles discography, this issue deals with the Dutch Beatles singles released in 1962/1963. This magazine also has an article about a Jackie Lomax Apple acetate with an unreleased version of “How the web was woven” sung in the German language!! Also features an article about vintage Dutch Beatles drinking glasses and some previously unpublished photos of the Beatles in Holland!The magazine is written in English, professionally printed with many full colour and black and white photos, 36 pages A-4 size. A great magazine, and highly recommended reading for all serious Beatles collectors! Price : Euro 7,95. Beatles related/Cover versions:La France et les Beatles vol.4 (new 2007 French CD including 23 cover versions of Beatles songs, recorded by French artists from 1963-1971) Euro 18,50.  *The Rutles:Archeaology (new 2007 re-release w/5 bonus tracks; 4 previously released in Japan only plus one new song!) Euro 7,50   **Yoko Ono:Yes I’m a witch (new CD; contains old Ono songs but re-arranged and re-done by other artists but with Yoko Ono vocals!) Euro 19,50 **Ringo Starr and friends:Live (new Dutch CD, same tracks as the 2005 version but now in plastic box and with completely different cover with Ringo picture: Photograph/Act Naturally/All the youg dudes/Don’t go where the road don’t go/No one is to blame/Yellow submarine/Logical song/Glamorous life/I wanne be your man/Give a little bit/Take the long way home/You’re sixteen/Lucky man/With alittle help from my friends. Euro 5,00  Cheap !!  **Paul & Linda McCartney picture discs in stock: Euro 7 each*Beautifull night/Love comes tumbling down *Young boy/Looking for you *The world tonight/Used to be bad*Wide Prairie/Cow*The light comes from within/I got upPrice for the set of 5: Euro 30,00 **The Beatles:Unseen Beatles (BBC Timewatch documentary + bonus material, circa 100 minutes, region 2-PAL) price: Euro 19,50. **John Lennon:Dick Cavett shows-3 complete shows! Time: circa 3.5 hours! (now also available as European release: PAL-region 2) Euro 20,00  **Paul McCartney & Wings: Tug Of War special:–booklet published by the Dutch Paul McCartney Fanclub, includes the story of the recording sessions for the “Tug of war” album, bootleg review, worldwide discography etcetera. Written in the English language, 60 pages with full colour cover and circa 140 illustrations!!  €.9,50*Also available: Venus & Mars special + London Town special – Euro 9,50 each. *The Beatles: Love (new CD-78 minutes of Beatles; standard edition) Price Euro 19,50 *The Beatles: Love (Collectors edition 2 disc special digipack – CD disc  + DVD-audio disc with DTS and Dolby 5.1 sound etc.) Price: Euro 26,50 *John Lennon:Peace love and truth (official EMI Asia CD – unique compilation) Euro 19,50 (back in stock) Tracks: Give peace a chance (2005 remix)/Gimme some truth (remix)/Love (remix)/Hold on (remix)/Give Peace a chance 2004 version/Imagine (remix)/Bring on the lucie (remix)/Mind Games (remix)I dont wanna be a soldier (remix)/Instant karma/Power to the people (remix)/Real Love (slow version)/Help me to help myself/I don’t wanna face it/Bless you/Happy X-mas/Listen the snow is falling/Give peace a chance. *Paul McCartney: The space within us (new DVD 2005 tour concerts,including soundcheck songs, interviews, pre-show film etc.; region 2 PAL) Euro 22,50*George Michael/Paul McCartney:Best of/Twenty-Five (new Greatest Hits 2CD set, includes 1 new song-duet with Paul McCartney:”Heal the pain”) Price: Euro 19,75 *George Benson & Al Jarreau/Paul McCartney:Givin it up (new CD including 1 track with Paul McCartney:”Bring it on home to me”). Price: 19,50*George Martin:Produced by George Martin-Highlights (1 CD, includes tracks by The Beatles, McCartney, Cilla Black, Billy J.Kramer, and the instrumental “Pepperland Suite” from the original Yellow Submarine album + many other tracks-25 total). Price: Euro 19,50. **Tony Bennett/Paul McCartney: Duets (new CD including 1 song-duet with Paul McCartney, plus songs with James Taylor, Elton John, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, Sting, Bono, George Michael; 19 tracks total!) Price: Euro 19,50 (Great CD!! Recommended!!!!) **Jerry Lee Lewis/Ringo Starr:Last man standing (new CD including 1 song-duet with Ringo Starr, also includes tracks with Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton etc etc!!) Price: Euro 19,50 **Carl Perkins/George Harrison/Ringo Starr & friends:A rockabilly session (new CD with 18 tracks, many with George and/or Ringo) Price: Euro 14,00 **Pete Best:Pete Best of the Beatles 1(new 2006 DVD, interesting documentary DVD;
total time 187 minutes, Region 2,3,4,5, PAL) Price: Euro 21,00
 **George Harrison:Living in the material world 2006:*Remastered CD + 2 bonus tracks: Deep Blue & Miss O’Dell) Euro 19,50 *Remastered CD+DVD limited editon with more unreleased tracks, DVD tracks:Give me love-Live in Japan/Miss O’Dell alternative version/Sue me sue you blues-acoustic demo/documentary/Material world charitable foundation, incl.Don’t let me wait too long. Euro 24,00*Remastered limited edition vinyl LP incl.2 bonus tracks:Deep Blue & Miss O’Dell, like on the new CD) Euro 20,00 *Full colour promo poster, double side print; size circa 50 x 75 cm) Euro 4,50 **Paul McCartney:*Ecce cor meum (regular CD) price: Euro 21,00. **John Lennon:*U.S. Versus John Lennon (new CD) Euro 18,50Tracks:Power to the people/Nobody told me/Working class hero/I found out/Bed peace/Ballad of John & Yoko (=Beatles)/Give peace a chance/Love/Attica state-live 1971 (previously unreleased)/Happy X-mas/I don’t want to be a soldier/ Imagine/How do you sleep-instrumental (previously unreleased)/New York City-live 1971/John Sinclair/Scared/God/Here we go again/Gimme some truth/Beautiful boy/Instant karma. Sean Lennon:*Friendly Fire (CD+DVD) price: Euro 24,50*Friendly Fire (promo album CD in picture cardcover) Euro 11,00*Friendly Fire (promo DVD movie trailer 3:54) Euro 11,00 ===========================Various promo’s and rarities in stock: *George Harrison:Dark Horse logo promo sticker (circa 9cm diagonal; original UK promo item) Euro 5,00 *Paul McCartney:Hope of deliverance/Big boys bickering/Long leather coat/Kicked around no more (scarce UK digipack/box version; release number: CDRS 6330)(ex) Euro 12,00 *Paul McCartney:My brave face (USA 1 track promo in plain thick plastic box, no artwork, released like this) Euro 25,00 *McCartney:Biker like an icon/Things we said today/Mean woman blues/Midnight special (repro of rare promo CD)(VG) Euro 20,00 *George Harrison:Cloud Nine (USA promo Picture CD! Complete album, disc has Harrison silhouette printed + tracklisting, no front artwork because it is a picture CD, but does have back artwork) Euro 75,00 *George Harrison:Cheer Down (USA 1 track promo CD, comes in thick plastic box, no artwork, released like that) Euro 25,00 *George Harrison & Others: Esound Three (EMI UK promo sampler CD, includes Harrison “This is love”)(ex-) Euro 20,00 *John Lennon & Others: “9” (EMI september 2005 promo sampler CD, includes:”Karma (we all shine on)(2003 Remix)” (ex) 20,00 *Ringo Starr:You never know 4:03 (rare USA 1 track promo, taken from the “Curly Sue” soundtrack. Comes in thick plastic box with back cover artwork, released like that, from 1991; hard to find nowadays!) Euro 45,00 *The Beatles:First US visit promo CD (original 2004 USA Apple promo CD-R (not DVD!!) includes 23 tracks of interviews and music; rare, as this was only released as DVD!!) Euro 125,00 *George Harrison:Living in the material world 2007 promo press kit (nice promo press kit:special folder with one sheet of press info + a copy of the normal CD) (condition CD = mint, press kit is VG+++ (some creasing) Euro 45,00  *Linda McCartney:Wide Prairie (nice UK press kit, special folder with 12 press photo’s (8 colour, 4 black&white) + 5 page press sheets, all in nice shape, one photo has a crease, other photo’s are mint) Euro 45,00 *Paul McCartney:Gratia (Rare promo sampler for “Ecce cor meum”; in picture card cover, made in Holland!) Euro 30,00 *Paul McCartney related:MPL treasury of songs-The Rock’n roll classics (rare 1993 USA promo various artists CD made by MPL publishing; 21 R&R tracks published by MPL- very rare CD!!! Eu
ro 100,00
 *McCartney/Twin Freaks:Really love you/Lalula (UK 12″ etched disc, comes with 2 PROMO sheets for DJ’s – these did not come with the normal version!)(condition:discs are new but custom printed covers have splits) Euro 15,00  *Paul McCartney/George Michael:Twentyfive (1 disc promo cd-r with insert in plastic cover, includes “Heal the pain” duet with Paul McCartney) Euro 35,00 *Paul McCartney:Driving Rain while label sampler (rare UK 15 track advance promo cdr in plastic wallet with paper title insert and Parlophone sticker. First version, so this does not include “Freedom”! Rare! Euro 20,00 *McCartney/Carl Perkins:The Legenday songs of Carl Perkins/MPL saMPLer  (USA super rare MPL publishing 24 track promo CD; incl. Beatles: Everybody’s trying to be my baby/McCartney:Movie Mag/ McCartney: Matchbox (from Back in US tour!!) and McCartney/Perkins:My old friend + 18 other Carl Perkins songs.Top rare promo CD! €.125,00 *McCartney related:MPL presents the best of Cherio music (USA 26 track promo CD with MPL juggler logo’s on disc and foldout cardcover) Very rare!!  €.100,00 *Paul McCartney related:MPL treasury of songs-The Standards (rare 1992 USA promo various artists 2CD made by MPL publishing) €.35,00 Paul McCartney: Back in the US 2002 tour press kit (custom printed USA full Colour folder with 14 pages of press info)(light corner crease to folder otherwise in excellent shape) €.45,00 *Paul McCartney: Wings over the World press release set (4 pages on paper with colour printed design, plus colour postcard; UK 1979) €.20,00 *Paul McCartney:A sample from Tug Of War:Ebony and Ivory/Ballroom Dancing/The pound is sinking (Rare USA/Canada WHITE vinyl promo 12″ with great picture cover- original from 1982 – Still sealed!!) Euro 20,00 (Cheap!!) *George Harrison/related:Jiva:”Jiva” (USA Dark Horse label promo LP (SP 22003) with promo print on label, and promo sticker + promo cut out in cover)(record is near mint, cover is excellent, promo sticker has felt tip pen mark) Euro 30,00 *John Lennon/Kenny Everett:Happy first birthday from cuddley Capital-starring K.Everett, Esq.,and everybody who is anybody. (Super rare 1974 UK promo 7″ record, includes short spoken message from John Lennon and segment of “Love”. Warner Brothers label, plays 33RPM, release number: SAM20 and has “this record is not for sale” printed on the label. Very rare John Lennon item from 1974, most people and collectors guides don’t even know about this!!!) Condition: Ex– Price Euro 125,00 *Yoko Ono:Open your box club mix (USA white label test pressing 12″ in white stickered cover, 2001 Mindtrain records)(near mint/Ex) Euro 45,00 ================================================ *Beatles related:Backbeat-Movie (DVD-European edition region 2/4 Pal DVD-with extra’s & bonus material) Euro 22,50 (out of stock) *Paul McCartney: Wings over Europe 1972 European Tour (16/9)New 2006 Dutch McCartney fanclub special magazine about the Wings 1972 tour; Wings played 26 concerts in 9 countries (France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland). This magazine looks in detail at all these concerts, the songs that were played, and takes inventory of what live recordings have survived. This 52 page booklet has a full colour cover and features some 70 illustrations including live photos , record sleeves and much more. Written in English. Price Euro 9,50. *Apple related/Mortimer:Mortimer (This band was signed to Apple publishing, this is the only LP they ever released, “pop-psych”sounds now finally on CD!!) Euro 18,50. *Apple related/Focal Point: First bite of the Apple-complete recordings 1967-1968(Focal Point were one of the first groups to be signed by Apple Publishing, this CD has 20 tracks, most are Apple publishing, some recorded at the Apple Studio!) Euro 21,00 *Apple related/The Iveys & others: More Pop-psych sounds from the Apple era 1967-69-An Apple a day (brandnew CD, includes 4 previously unreleased Iveys tracks + 18 more rare Apple publishing tr
acks!!) Euro 18,50
 *Apple related:Richard Brautigan: Listening to Richard Brautigan (the Apple/Zapple label LP that was never released! Now on CD!! Euro 15,00 *Apple related: Brute Force (Apple label artist): Extemporaneous (new UK CD including “King of Fuh” and “Nobody knows”) €.19,50  *Apple related/Publishing:94 Baker Street -Pop & Psych sounds of the Apple era 1967-1969 (new UK CD with 5 previously unreleased tracks by Iveys, 4 by Grapefruit and 12 other Apple publishing/related tracks) €.19,50  *Related/Various artists:The world of Beatles novelty songs (Brandnew CD with 24 Beatles novelty songs, like: Vernon Girls:”We love the Beatles”, Twiliters:”My Beatle haircut” + 22 more tracks mainly from 1964-69) Euro 17,50  Special offer as long as stock lasts!     *Beatles: Made in Holland (volume1) and Made in Holland Too (volume 2)Two essential books about all the Beatles records released/Made in Holland; illustrated with many colour and black and white photo’s of records sleeves/promotional material etc etc. All you want to know about Beatles/Solo/Apple records made in Holland in two superb books! Price for the 2 books together: €.20,00 !!(or: volume 1: €.12,50/volume 2: €.12,50) **Paul McCartney/Hi-Tack:Say say say remixes: Radio mix 2:54/Original 7:34/Beats 4U 3:19 + Video clip (CD-single in picture cardcover w/MPL credits on cover) Euro 7,00 **Ringo Starr:In Concert (new 2005 digipack re-packaged CD: with the following tracks: Photograph/Act Naturally/All the youg dudes/Don’t go where the road don’t go/No one is to blame/Yellow submarine/Logical song/Glamorous life/I wanne be your man/Give a little bit/Take the long way home/You’re sixteen/Lucky man/With alittle help from my friends. (Holland digipack CD) Euro 7,00 *Beatles & solo: cassette-singles in stock! Euro 5,00 eachBeatles:Baby it’s you + 3 BBC tracks (USA)McCartney:Hope of deliverance/Long leather coat (UK plasticbox)McCartney:Hope of deliverance/Long leather coat (USA cardbox)McCartney:C’mon people/I can’t imagine (UK)McCartney:All my trials/C-moon (UK)McCartney:This one/The first stone (UK)McCartney:My brave face/Flying to my home (USA cardbox)McCartney:My brave face + 3 (UK plastic box) Linda McCartney:Wide Prairie/Cow (UK)Linda McCartney:Light comes from within/I got up (UK)George Harrison:When we was fab/Zig zag (USA)George Harrison:Got my mind set on you/Lay his head (USA)George Harrison:Wilbury twist/New blue moon (USA)Beatles:cassette singles collection (22 different) Euro 60,00—————————————————————————————————Older cd-singles; just a few of each in stock!:Paul McCartney:*Hope of deliverance/Big boys bickering/Long leather coat/Kicked around no more (Holland 1992) Euro 9,00*C’mon people/I can’t imagine/Keep coming back/Down to the river (Holland 1993) Euro 9,00*Beautiful night/Same love/Oobu Joobu part 6 (UK 1997) Euro 9,00*Young boy/Looking for you (Holland 1997 cardcover) Euro 6,00*Off the ground/Cosmically conscious (Holland 1993 cardcover) Euro 6,00Ringo Starr:*La de da/Love me do (Germany 1998 cardcover) Euro 8,00*Weight of the world/After all these years/Don’t be cruel (Ger.1992) Euro 7,00George Harrison:*Any Road/Marwa blues/Any road enhanced section (Holland 2003) Euro 8,00—————————————————————————————————–BOOKS! In stock:>paperback with full colour cover: ***George Harrison: “Dark Horse & Beyond-Discography 1974-2004”by Ed Dieckmann & Franck Leenheer-complete George Harrison discography for the 1974 to 2004 period. 108 pages with more than 400 pictures!!! The first worldwide Harrison discography for this period. A unique and essential book for all Beatles/Harrison fans and collectors!! Euro 15,00————————————————————————————————-More Promo CD’s/Vinyl/DVD in stock (usually only 1 of each in stock): *Beatles:Free as a bird (UK 1 track promo CD) Euro 20,00 *Beatle
s:Free as a bird (USA 1 track promo CD) Euro 20,00
*George Harrison/Splinter:Harder to live (1975 UK LP white label test pressing ! George Produced the LP and plays guitar) (conditions:disc EX/near mint-comes in brown Dark Horse company cover). Price Euro 75,00*Yoko Ono/John Lennon:Walking on thin ice/It happended (UK very rare white label vinyl 7″ test pressing a-sde is matrix:k79202 (DJ) /b-side has the normal matrix number) (condition:a-side near mint/b-side has some shading -visually- but plays near mint) Euro 30,00*Paul McCartney & others:New religion presents a secret history (UK 2003 EMI test-pressing 2LP set, includes McCartney “Temporary Secretary”. White labels with stickers with track details. Heavy vinyl EMI pressing, extremely rare to find this as a test pressing!!! (near mint) Price Euro 125,00 *Paul McCartney:Deliverance/Deliverance dub mix (UK 2 track promo 12″ – green label with pink print on the label-plain cover)(looks VG++/Plays EX) Euro 40,00 *Paul McCartney:Run devil run (UK complete album advance listening CD ; blue cover in thin box CDLRL 019). Euro 60,00 *Linda McCartney:Wide Prairie (UK enhanced album – plays on computer as well as CD player-featuring photos, films and the complete album ; picture cardcover different to the regular release ; PRAIRIE 001). Euro 35,00 *McCartney:Wingspan: promo sampler with 8 songs + 8 spoken announcements by McCartney (red cover – thin plastic box; CD LRL 048) Euro 45,00 Various Beatles rarities in stock:*Beatles:Can’t buy me love/You can’t do that (Holland rare 1989 7″ with picture  —cover; record new/cover VG++ (storage-ringwear). This is the last vinyl Beatles —single ever pressed by EMI in Holland!)(just a few in stock!) €.20,00*Beatles Sgt.Peppers LHC.band (USA LP picture disc with cover) €.45,00 (small c.o in cover)*Beatles: Timeless (USA LP picture disc) €.15,00*Beatles:Please Please Me (Holland RED Parlophone label record club edition-super rare!)(EX/EX) Euro 140,00 *The Beatles:The Beatles-Holland “Boek & Plaat” record club LP with unique cover; release nr: SCBP 1013 on label/DS 018 on cover)(VG/VG-) Euro 120,00 *Beatles:Hey Jude/Yesterday/A hard days night (Colombia Apple label SUPER RARE YELLOW VINYL 3 track 12″!!!)(comes in company cover)(DISC:good-plays with noise, stamp on label- but still a very nice item, super rare because Colombia was the only country in the world to release this as a 12″ and it is YELLOW vinyl !!) (Scan available upon request!!) Euro 200,00 *Paul McCartney:My Brave Face/Flying to my home (France black plastic label test Pressing)(VG++) Euro 30,00*Paul McCartney:Band on the Run (Holland PINK vinyl LP)(EX/VG+++) Euro 45,00 *George Harrison:Electronic Sound (USA original LP) (M-/M-) €.45,00*James Taylor:First Album (rare Holland LP- with different title and different cover: cover is a single cover, not gatefold, and back cover is different to UK/USA version) (Disc:EX/Cover:EX) Euro 90,00. —————————————————————————————————BOOKS IN STOCK:*Beatles/Christoph Maus:”The Beatles Worldwide volume 2″ -Brandnew book about all Beatles vinyl singles and EP’s released worldwide. Includes 1200 colour photos of Beatles 7″ covers and labels from England, USA, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Congo, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatamala, Holland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Posrtugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia + “Flexiland” (a chapter on flexidiscs!) (432 pages, hardback, English language)  €.42,50.(Note:more pages and more photos than volume 1 – this also includes a bonus thick cardboard slipcase which also has space for volume 1)***Also in stock: Rolling Stones worldwide singles/EP’s book Euro 38,00*Azing/Samuel Coomans:Beatles EP records and sleeves from Europe 1962-1970 illustrated discography book (volume 3 of the 7″discography books – this volume includes EP’s from all European countries) (LP size hardback book) Euro 40,00 *Note:also available: volume 1 (singles Europe) and Volume 2 (singles worldwide). *McCartney:Blackbird singing (England paperback edition) €.15,00*Alan Clayson:Ringo Starr (2001; UK 415 pages paperback; new edition of “Straight man or joker”; with great new cover design!- ) €.19,50*Alan Clayson:George Harrison (2001; UK 495 pages paperback; new edition of “The quiet One”; with a great new cover design!) €.19,50*Jan Wiener:Come together-John Lennon in his time (2000 edition ; UK paperback; 380 pages) €.19,50*Roag Best/Pete Best:The Beatles-The True Beginnings. The Story of the Cashbah Club where The Beatles played 90 times; illustrated with many great photo’s and memorabilia. (UK 200 pages; superb large size paperback) €.39,50 (last copy in stock)——————————————————————————————–BEATLES:*Beatles:Capitol 4 CD box volume 2. Early Beatles/Beatles VI/Help movie soundtrack/Rubber Soul. Each CD has all tracks in mono and in stereo, mastered from the original Capitol mastertapes. Each CD comes in a replica of the original LP cover and the box also comes with a 56 page booklet. Price: Euro 62,95 (this is the second pressing w/corrected mono mixes, no
te: the first pressing was only available for 2 days and is now deleted).
*Beatles:Capitol albums vol.2 (England promo poster, full colour, size circa 50×75 cm) Euro 5,00*Beatles:Capitol 4 CD set vol.1: contains the first 4 USA albums- Meet the beatles, —Beatles Second Album, Something New + Beatles “65. Tracks in mono and stereo, —mastered from the original Capitol mastertapes. Each CD comes in a replica of the —original LP cover and the box also comes w/48 page booklet. Euro 60,00 *The Beatles:4 Ed Sullivans shows (double DVD) €.27,50*Beatles:Anthology 5DVD box (4 DVD’s with everything that was on the 8 videos. —DVD number 5 has 81 minutes of new material!)  €.69,95*Beatles Anthology promo poster (with print on both sides;  51 x 76 cm) €.4,50*Beatles First US visit promo press kit (very nice colour promo folder with 8 postcards and 13 pages of press info; official Apple UK promo item!) Euro 30,00.*Beatles First US visit promo poster (UK 51 x 76 cm.) €.6,00*Beatles-Esounds (UK promo magazine with Beatles First US visit cover) €.5,00*Beatles 1 (vinyl 2LP Holland pressing !! (first edition was a UK pressing) €.29,50 *The Beatles: Abbey Road new November 2004 vinyl LP Holland pressing (but —label and cover say “Made in UK” but obviously a Holland pressing because of the —“dish shape” in the label. A scan of the label available upon request) €.21,00*Beatles: Anthology volume 1 (vinyl 3-LP-UK pressing) 38,60*Beatles: Yellow Submarine songtrack (Holland black vinyl LP) €.21,00*Beatles: 1 (greatest hits 27 track CD) €.19,50 (CD comes with bonus “Beatles 1” plastic promo CD-bag!)*Beatles: 1 (set of 2 UK promo posters, print on both sides + 1 Holland promo poster —slightly damaged as a bonus, so 3 for the price of  2! ) €.18,15*Beatles: 1 Holland/UK promo press kit (Very rare Holland colour folder with 5 page —press release for the Beatles “1” album and for the Beatles.com website inside; —folder is printed in Holland, press release in English; RARE!) €.34,00*Beatles: 1 large promo window sticker (UK 60 x 15 cm.) €.6,80*Beatles: 1 poster with picture cover singles (that came with the vinyl LP) 57 x 87 cm—machine folded; great for framing!! €.7,50*Beatles: 1 promo multi-fold-out promo card with pictures of pic cover singles on the inside, total size: 83 x 30 cm.) €.10,00*The Beatles:Talkology vol.1 (interviews & press conferences; Melbourne/ Seattle / —Forest Hills/New York – total 67 minutes) (UK CD) €.9,00*The Beatles:Talkology vol.2 (interviews & press conferences; Tokyo/ NewYork/ —Chicago/Los Angeles – total 66 minutes)(UK CD) €.9,00*Beatles (& others):Jugoton-Yugoslavian singles discography 1957-1985—Nice booklet that lists all Beatles, solo + Apple label releases + many records —by other artists; 48 pages incl.16 pages of pictures. Interesting! €.11,35*Beatles:Margate Winter Gardens (reprint program; one sheet) €.4,55*Beatles:Rock on rom (CD-rom) €.13,65*Beatles:Ole Beatles! (Great book in Spanish about The Beatles concerts in —Spain; including LP/7″/EP discography) €.9,90 (CHEAP! covers have some wear)*Beatles/Brian Epstein:The Brian Epstein Story (hardback book by D.Geller)€.24,95*Beatles:Yellow submarine (1999 NL video w/subtitles) €.19,30*George Martin:Produced by George Martin (UK promo 14 track sampler from —the 6 CD box; incl.McCartney “Live and let die”, Peter Sellers, George Martin —Orchestra, Cilla Black etc.; in picture cardcover w/Beatles pic) €.25,00*George Martin: The Interview (UK promo CD made for the 6 CD box; very —nice picture inlay; thin plastic box) €.34,00JOHN LENNON:*John Lennon:Working Class Hero (2CD+ 4 promo buttons) Euro 21,50*John Lennon:Imagine-The movie (2006 release new 2 DVD set) Euro 26,00*John Lennon:Imagine (digitally remastered & remixed vinyl LP 2004 Holland —pressing LP; gatefold cover)(first pressing from year 2000 was made in UK) €.20,00  *John Lennon:Sometime in NYC (new remastered edition CD!) Euro 19,50*John Lennon: Walls and bridges (new remastered edition CD!) Euro 19,50*John Lennon:Lennon Acoustic (16 tracks, including 7 previously unreleased tracks, —incl. the demo version of “Real Love”!!) €.19,50*John Lennon:Rock ‘n Roll (remastered CD incl 4 prev.unrel.tracks) Euro 19,50.*Yoko Ono:Everyman every woman (USA CD w/12 mixes) €.14,00*Yoko Ono:Everyman every woman (USA vinyl 2×12″ with 8 mixes-includes mixes —not on the CD-version) €.15,00 *John Lennon:Happy X-mas-2003 newly mixed/Imagine/Instant Karma-long version/Imagine instrumental-enhanced ROM section (cd-single) €.7,50*John Lennon:Happy X-mas/Imagine (England GREEN vinyl 7″ w/pc) €.7,00*Yoko Ono:Walking on thin ice:Tenaglia (UK/NL cd-single ;3 mixes, incl.2 edits not on US CD) Euro 9,75*Yoko Ono: Walking on thin ice:Pet Shop Boys (UK/NL cd-single; 3 mixes; incl.diff.to US CD) Euro 9,75*John Lennon:Het beste van het beste van het beste (Unique Holland slipcase package of  the “Lennon Collection” CD!) €.17,50*Yoko Ono:Blueprint for a sunrise (CD) €.19,50*Yoko Ono:Will I/Fly/Will I mix/O’oh/Death of Samantha (USA cd-single)12,50.*John Lennon/Yoko Ono: Feeling the space (USA cd w/ 2 bonus tracks: I learned to —stutter-Coffin car- 6:51/Mildred Mildred 3:36) €.19,50*John Lennon/Yoko Ono: Ryko CD’s with bonus tracks: Wedding album/Life with the Lions/Two Virgins – all are € 19,50 each*Yoko Ono:other Ryko label CD’s in stock:Yoko-Plastic Ono Band/Starpeace/It’s —alright/A Story/Season of glass – all are  €.19,50 each.*John Lennon:Imagine (remixed & remastered Vinyl LP, UK pressing first edition-—gatefold cover!) €.20,00 (second pressing is made in Holland: see above)*John Lennon:Bedism (nice package interview CD) €.6,85*John Lennon:In my life (interviews; 3CD set) €.19,50*John Lennon:Living on borrowed time (314 page UK paperback book , by Frederic —Seaman) €.12,50*John Lennon:Maximum Lennon (UK documentary interview picture disc CD + —booklet + fold out poster) €.13,50 *Yoko Ono:Rising Mixes (UK CD w/multi-media bonus track) €.7,00*Sean Lennon:Into the Sun (CD) 19,30PAUL McCARTNEY:*Chaos and creation Vinyl LP (Gatefold cover including 4 art prints) Euro 23,50*Chaos and creation CD Euro 19,50*Chaos and creation CD + DVD- Euro 25,00*Fine Line/Growing up falling down (vinyl 7″-thick vinyl, thick picture cover and with —bonus poster!) Euro 6,00*Fine Line/Comfort of love/Growing up etc (Holland cd-maxi , not released in the UK —or USA! In thick plastic box) 7,00 *Fine Line/Comfort of love (Holland 2 track cd-single in cardcover) Euro 5,00*Fine Line (Limited USA 1 track cd-single!) Euro 7,00*Jenny Wren/I want you to fly (Holland 2 track cd-single in cardcover) Euro 5,00 *Jenny Wren/I want you to fly (UK/NL 2 track cd-single in plastic box) Euro 6,00*Jenny Wren/I want you to fly/This loving game (3 track cd-maxi + poster) Euro 7,50 *Paul McCartney:Tropic Island Hum/We all stand together—Last copies-totally deleted now: UK yellow vinyl 7″ w/picture cover – €.8,00*Paul McCartney/Twin Freaks (limited edition vinyl 2LP set) (remixes of: Really —love you/Long haired lady/Rinse the ra
indrops/Darkroom/Live and let die/
—Temporary secretary/What’s that you’re doing/Oh woman Oh why /Mumbo/ —Lalula/Coming up/Maybe I’m amazed) (heavy vinyl 2LP in gatefold cover) €.24,50  *McCartney/Various artists:Inspired by genius-the music of Ray Charles (new —compilation CD including 1 McCartney track:”Don’t let the sun catch you crying-—live” + 20 tracks by The Animals, Manfred Mann, Eddie Cochran, The Band, Joe —Cocker, Steve Miller etc) €.17,50*Paul McCartney:Paul is live (DVD-region 2) Euro 10,00*Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney:Time 2 Love (new CD album, includes Paul —McCartney playing guitar on 1 track) Euro 19,50.*Paul McCartney:”Back in the world” live 2CD set:–including 5 new tracks (not on the USA 2CD):Calico skies/ Michelle/ Let em in/ –She’s leaving home + a different version of Hey Jude. NOT on the European –version:C Moon/Freedom/Vanilla Sky. European 2CD – price : €.29,00*Paul McCartney:Back in the USA (Euro DVD) €.22,50*McCartney:Back in the US (import -Canada-live 2CD) €.24,50 *McCartney:Back in the US (USA promo card ca.30x30cm) €.4,50*McCartney:Back in the world (European promo poster with print on both —sides 51×76 cm.) €.7,50*Paul McCartney:Freedom 2:37 radio edit/album version (USA promo CD with —real nice picture insert!! ) €.20,00*McCartney & others:Warchild Hoop (=Hope) NL CD with new version of “Calico —Skies” €.9,95 (last few copies in stock-this is already deleted)*Paul McCartney & others:”Inlaws” (various artists CD including 3  McCartney —songs: 1)”A love for you”(previously unreleased!)  –2)”Live and let die”(different version-previously unreleased!!) –3) “I’m carrying”. Also includes Badfinger “No —matter what” + 13 tracks by other artists. €.21,00*McCartney/Ringo & others:Concert for George 2-DVD €.37,50*McCartney/Ringo & others:Concert for George 2-CD €.20,00*Paul McCartney:Thrillington (instrumental versions of “Ram”UK CD)Euro 17,50*McCartney-Related:Leslie Mills:It’s different for girls (brandnew CD, MPL Tunes —publising, includes 1 track with Abe Laboriel and Rusty Anderson from the —McCartney band + David Kahne, and “special thanks to Paul McCartney and —everyone at MPL” in booklet ) €.21,00 *Rusty Anderson: Undressing underwater (Euro CD w/Paul McCartney) 19,50*Brian Wilson (ex-Beach Boys)/Paul McCartney : CD including 1 track/duet with —Paul McCartney!! (Plus tracks with Elton John and Eric Clapton;  Holland edition : —comes with small promo flyer for his Amsterdam concert-great album!) €.19,00 *Paul McCartney:Liverpool Oratorio 2-DVD (release on DVD for the first time, —includes the “Ghosts of the past” and “Echoes” documentaries, 204 minutes, region —0/PAL) €.27,50 *McCartney:Liverpool Sound College (now rare CD) €.22,50*Paul McCartney:Standing Stone (CD in slipcase + thick booklet) €.13,00*Paul McCartney:Working Classical (CD) €.13,00*Paul McCartney & Friends:The Peta Concert (DVD w/18 tracks Including —McCartney & band (David Gilmour etc.):Honey hush/Brown eyed handsome —man/No other baby/Lonesome town/Run devil Run (DVD) €22,50 *Also available as: VHS video (UK) € 9,95*Freedom/From a lover/From a lover mix 2 (cd-single) €.7,30*Freedom 3:34/From a lover to a friend 3:49/David Kahne remix 2-5:27 (USA CD-—single in thick box w/front and back artwork/inserts = diff.to Euro release) €.10,00*From a lover to a friend +  remixes 1 & 2  (withdrawn Euro cd-single) €.9,00 *From a lover to a friend/Riding into Jaipur (vinyl 7″ with pic cover) €.6,80 *From a lover to a friend/remix/Ride into Jaipur (cassette single) €.6,00*McCartney:Wingspan (2CD limited edition package) €.24,95*McCartney:Standing Stone (DVD) €.27,50*McCartney/Super Furry Animals:CD with McCartney credits in the —booklet for “Celery + Carrots” on 1 track (Ltd edition w/slipcase) €.19,75*McCartney & others:Ian Dury tribute (CD) €.10,00  —Includes the Paul McCartney song “Partial to your Abracadabra”*McCartney & others:Ian Dury tribute black vinyl LP!!—This was pressed on black vinyl by mistake and was used for promotion only!—Rare! Only a limited quantity in stock! €.25,00*McCartney & others:Ian Dury tribute (Limited gold vinyl LP) €.19,50*McCartney & others:Ian Dury tribute (UK promoposter 50×70 cm) €.6,80 *McCartney & Others:Best of Unplugged (CD; with McCartney: “Every Night”; + —17 other tracks by Clapton/REM/Paul Simon/Corrs/Sting etc.) €.19,75.*McCartney/various artists:Night at the movies ; new various artists CD —including “Young Boy” (from the “Fathers Day” movie; 20 tracks total ) €19,75*McCartney/various artists:Mersey boys & Liverpool girls (new —Liverpool/Football compilation CD including “Deliver your children”) €.19,50*McCartney/various artists: Mersey boys & Liverpool girls (As above but —original UK promo CD-R with special printed disc and colour print inlay in plastic —cover) €.15,90 (cheap!)*McCartney “Club Sandwich” UK fanclub magazines:—issues in stock:77/81/82/83/84/85 — €.5,70 each*McCartney:”In Siegen” Press conference for McCartney Paintings 30/4/1999—(18 minutes; German Picture CD) €.11,00*McCartney:Working Classical (UK promo flyer; 10 x 21 cm) €.2,25*McCartney:Standing Stone (UK cassette package with 48 page book in box-— still sealed) €.21,00*McCartney:Run devil run (UK promo open-end interview CD) €.34,00—(questions edited out; only the answers; with insert transcript-card;—for promotional use only; cat.number: RDRINT 006)*McCartney:Try not to cry/No other baby (USA vinyl jukebox 7″) €.6,85*McCartney:Off the ground/Cosmically consciouss (USA white vinyl 7″) €.7,00*McCartney:Bike like an icon/This we said today (USA white vinyl 7″) €.7,00*McCartney:No other baby/Brown eyed handsome man/Fabulous (stereo cd-single in—plastic box) €.7,30*McCartney/Peter Kirtley:Little children (new version)(Germany cd-single —with promo leaflet as a bonus!) €.7,30*Paul McCartney: Vanilla Sky (soundtrack CD incl.”Vanilla Sky”) €.10,00*Linda McCartney:Wide Prairie (gatefold cover album CD) €.18,50*Paul McCartney & Others:Channel 17 sampler (UK1997 20 track promo sampler —CD incl.McCartney’s “The world tonight”)(cover has some wear) €12,50RINGO STARR:*Ringo Starr:Christmas Collection (CD ; re-release with different cover of his “I —wanna be Santa Claus”CD) €.15,00*Ringo Starr:Choose Love (2005 CD) €.19,50 *Ringo Starr:Choose Love (2005 CD+DVD) €.22,50 *Ringo Starr/Marc Bolan/T-Rex:Born to boogie (new 2DVD set-with Ringo – and —an “Apple” movie!) Euro 21,00 *Ringo Starr:Ringo Rama Deluxe Edition (Limited edition 3 CD/DVD set: Disc 1: —Ringo Rama + 3 bonus tracks-Disc 2:40 minute interview-Disc 3:DVD
:70 minutes) —€.29,50
*Ringo Starr:Ringo Rama (first edition CD + DVD; 2 disc set) €.21,00.*Ringo Starr:Live Tour 2003 Casino Rama Canada (Live CD; European CNR —label pressing) Euro 18,00*Ringo Starr:Most Famous Hits (new European DVD of the “Live at the Greek” All —Star Band shows; 112 minutes) €.12,50*Liam Lynch/Ringo Starr:Fake Songs (new CD + bonus DVD, Ringo plays drums —on 2 tracks on the CD and also appears on the DVD, released through Ringo’s new —“Pumkinhead Records” production company ! ) €.20,00 *Liam Lynch:United states of whatever (3 track cd-single) €.7,30*Liam Lynch:United states of whatever (2 track cd-single) €.6,00*Ringo Starr/Jools Holland & Friends:Volume 3 (new CD with Ringo: “Boys” + —20  tracks by Eric Clapton, Peter gabriel etc. – 2 versions of this CD are available:—-1st edition (colour artwork + slipcase) €19,50—-2nd. edition (picture of Jools Holland on cover) €.19,50*Gary Brooker/Eric Clapton & Friends (with Ringo Starr): Band du Lac —concert-One Night Only. (New DVD recorded  June 11th 2005 in England, —featuring 3 songs by Ringo Starr, plus tracks by Eric Clapton, Gary Brooker, Mike —Rutherford, Roger Taylor-from Queen, Katie Melua, Chris Barber, Paul Carrack —etc) (DVD- 128 minutes-region 2) Euro 20,00 *Keith Moon/Ringo Starr:Both sides of the moon deluxe edition 2CDNew 2006 UK release 2 CD with many of bonus tracks incl.several w/Ringo, also —includes 6 Mal Evans mixes! 50 tracks in total! Euro 19,50 (out of stock)*Ringo Starr/Ian McLagan:Troublemaker (w/Ringo Starr) (new 2006 CD release, —remastered, in slipcase box, 2 LP’s on 1 CD, Ringo’s name on front of box) Euro —17,50 *Ringo Starr:”Ringo” CD (incl.2 bonustracks) €.19,50*Ringo Starr:Goodnight Vienna CD (incl.Six O’Clock – long version) €.19,50*Ringo Starr:The best of Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band so far (DVD) €.22,50*Ringo Starr & his all starr band(s):The Anthology so far (3 CD set) €.19,50*Ringo Starr:Steal this movie (Euro CD) €.19,75—(incl.1 track with Ringo & Billy Preston playing Lennon’s “Power to the people”) *Ringo Starr:Beaucoups of blues (CD w/bonus tracks) €.13,75*Ringo Starr:Sentimental journey (CD) €.13,75*Ringo Starr:1992 tour program book (cover has storage wear) €.20,00*Ringo Starr:I wanna be Santa Claus (Ger.CD) €.19,30*Bob Dylan (with Ringo Starr):Shot of love (CD) €.13,65GEORGE HARRISON:*Concert for Bangladesh: Remastered 2DVD set – Euro 32,50*Concert for Bangladesh: Remastered 2CD (comes in small cardboard box, including —small size booklet, CD’s are housed in card picture covers. Includes the previously —unreleased track “Love minus zero/No limit” with George Harrison on electric —guitar and Ringo Starr on tambourine!! ) Euro 24,50*George Harrison:The Dark Horse years (5 x CD+1 x Super Audio 2CD + DVD + —deluxe box). Remastered sound, new booklets + liner notes and packaged in a great —looking box! Price: Euro 85,00 (E-mail for box details or check previous lists)*George Harrison:The Dark Horse Years (DVD-previously only available in the —Harrison box set,  now available as individual DVD in plastic box + 28 page —booklet) Euro.20,00*George Harrison:Gone Troppo (w/bonus tracks) €.15,00*George Harrison:Somewhere in England (w/bonus tracks) €.15,00*George Harrison/Lord Sitar:Lord Sitar (Lord Sitar was once rumoured to be —George Harrison).11 track CD including sitar versions of “I am the walrus”, —“Eleanor Rigby” and “Blue Jay Way”!!!!  €.7,50 *George Harrison/Jack Bruce:Songs for a tailor (CD with George Harrison, new —remastered edition with 4 bonus tracks) €.12.50*Brainwashed new re-packaged edition:digipack CD with slipcase €.15,00-slipcase has slightly different colours and has diff.release number.*Brainwashed (limited vinyl LP-last few copies) €.20,00*Brainwashed promo poster (with print on both sides 50 x 70 cm) €.4,50*George Harrison:My sweet lord/Let it down/My sweet lord 2000 cd-single with beautiful picture insert! (Euro cd-single in thin box)  € 7.30*George Harrison/Bill Wyman:2-CD with George Harrison on guitar on —1 track and picture in booklet!  €.21,50 (Great music too!)*George Harrison/related: Mona Lisa (DVD from the Handmade Films Collection) €.16,00APPLE LABEL: *The Iveys:Maybe tomorrow €.19,50*Badfinger:Magic Christian Music €.19,50*Badfinger:No Dice €.19,50*Badfinger:Straight Up €.19,50*Badfinger:Ass €.19,50*Badfinger:Come and get it-best of (21 tracks) €.19,50*Badfinger:The very best of Badfinger (19 tracks) €.19,50*Jackie Lomax:Is this what you want €.19,50*Doris Troy:Doris Troy €.19,50*Mary Hopkin:Earth song ocean song €.19,50*Mary Hopkin:Postcard €.19,50*Mary Hopkin:Those were the days-best of (17 tracks) €.19,50*Billy Preston:Encouraging Words €.19,50*Billy Preston:That’s the way God planned it €.19,50*James Taylor:James Taylor €.19,50*Badfinger:Day after day Live (USA 1990 Rykodisc Clear Vinyl LP gatefold —cover with obi, still sealed but very small pinhole cut in cvr.) €.21,00RELATED:*Related:The Fourmost:The Best of (new 2005 CD, including: Hello little girl, I’m in —Love, Here there and everywhere + 29 more tracks!) €.7,50*Related:Billy J.Kramer:The very best of (new 2005 CD, including: I’ll keep you —satisfied, Do you want to know a secret, I call your name, Bad to me, I’ll be on my —way, From a window + 23 more tracks!) €.7,50*Beatles related/Various artists: Blue Note plays The Beatles (2004 compilation of —jazz cover versions of Lennon & McCartney songs, incl.Stanley Turrentine, Buddy —Rich, Bud Shank & Chet Baker, Stanley Jordan etc.) €.10,00 *Robbie McIntosh:Emotional bends (Germany CD; sticker on box:”Guitarist of the —Pretenders & Paul McCartney”) €.18,00*Related:Studio 99 performs the Beatles nr 1’s (UK cd with covers; yellow submarine —on cover) €.9,00*Related:Studio 99 performs the Beatles nr 1’s (UK cd with covers; different pressing, —with Apple on cover) €.6,75*Related/Dr.Fink & the mystery band:Hooked on the Beatles (UK cd with beatles —medleys/cover versions) €.9,00*CillaBlack:The Abbey Road Decade; 3 CD set incl.”Step inside Love”demo —with McCartney. €.22,50*Cilla Black:The Best of 1973-1978 (new 2003 release: 3 CD’set, with several tracks —previously not available, including:”It’s for you”-introduced by John Lennon and the —George Harrison song:”I’ll still love you”. 80 tracks total  €.22,50=============================================IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFO: The following methods of payment are possible:A) you can transfer money from your bank or giro account direct to my account, or  transfer money via your post office to my account :Postgiro (Postbank) account number 2672010. Ask your bank for more information if needed; the following codes will help to make a payment efficient:International bank account number =(IBAN):IBAN: NL69 PSTB 0002672010BIC: PSTBNL21Make sure to indicat
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The Beatle Pilgrimage Tour

January 3, 2006


VP Tour Operations
Pilgrimage Ltd
Home of The Beatle Pilgrimage Tour
U S call center 1-888-769-3715
U S office 336-644-8857
U S mobile 336-707-2970

CD WOW! are proud partners with Beatles Unlimited

December 8, 2005

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Aanbod Beatles sierborden

August 13, 2005

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yumi-shop (voor details zie onderaan de pagina)

Met speciaal voordeel verkrijgbaar voor BU leden.
Uitsluitend op vertoon van BU lidmaatschapskaart:
Bord € 125,00 voor BU leden € 112,50
Vazen € 65,00, voor Bu leden € 58,50

Bord 1


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Vaas 1


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The John Lennon Jewelry Collection

April 5, 2005

John Lennon was a gifted and committed visual artist.
JewelAmerica has fashioned a superb collection of jewelry inspired by his loving artwork.
Expertly crafted of the finest materials, each piece is certain to be cherished by discerning collectors and wearers of fine jewelry worldwide.
The collection includes rings, key rings, bracelets, cuff links, necklaces and watches.

For more information, send us an email.


Imagine Ring in Sterling Silver


Self Portrait Cufflinks and Keyring in Sterling Silver


“Mind Games”

    ©Yoko Ono Lennon
    John Lennon is a registered trademark/Yoko Ono Lennon
    All rights licensed exclusively through Bag One Arts, Inc., New York