Hardcore veggie Mills in zee met Burger King

March 27, 2009

Source: BiteBack

Hardcore vegetariër Heather Mills gaat reclame maken voor Burger King. Zij vangt hiervoor 3,1 miljoen euro.

Mills die bekend werd door haar turbulente huwelijk met Paul McCartney, leent haar gezicht om een nieuwe vegetarische hamburger te helpen lanceren.

‘Niemand kan ontkennen dat Heather zich niet inzet voor vegetariërs’, aldus een bron in de Britse krant ‘The People’.

Mills versierde het lucratieve contract door vorig jaar een pak gratis ‘veggie burgers’ te verdelen onder arme kinderen in New York.

Bron: Meat & Meal

Heather Mills wins tabloid apology as papers admit stories were false

January 31, 2009

Source: Guardian
Fleet Street publishes corrections after Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife lodges complaint

Heather Mills’s one-woman fight against alleged victimisation by the British tabloids and hounding by the paparazzi appears to be bearing fruit, with four newspapers publishing corrections to stories they had written about her in the past two weeks. A fifth paper has written to her privately to apologise for its coverage.
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Karma Bites Back at Mucca (perezhilton.com)

January 6, 2009

Earlier this week, Heather Mills’ former nanny filed a claim against the one-legged blonde for ‘sexual discrimination, intimidation and constructive dismissal’. In addition to her nanny duties, the ex-employee was asked to do extra things like spray tan Mucca’s naked body and reporting into work at 7.30 am to blow dry the golddigger’s hair.
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2008 silliest stories — Heather Mills Pouring Water (Independent.UK)

December 28, 2008

Good hair day for McCartney’s lawyer
It was billed as the divorce battle of the decade – a multimillionaire Beatle separating from his money-grabbing wife. But when Heather Mills discovered that she had not obtained the divorce settlement she had hoped for (a “mere” £24.3m), she decided to take her revenge – on Paul McCartney’s barrister, Fiona Shackleton. Observers witnessed Mills pouring a bottle of High Court water over the unfortunate lawyer. The former glamour model later said she had “baptised” Shackleton. As it happened, McCartney’s legal team still had the last laugh. Shackleton had gone into the final day’s proceedings looking a little bouffant and emerged, thanks to Mucca, immeasurably sexier.

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November 18, 2008

By Kate Mansey And Susie Boniface, Sunday Mirror

Heather Mills has had a THIRD boob job – after she was stung by comments about her “wonky” cleavage.
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Heather Mills' theatre love

November 13, 2008

Heather Mills is secretly romancing a millionaire theatre producer.

The former model, the ex-wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, has enjoyed several dates with Marc Sinden but is keen to keep the fledgling relationship under wraps.

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Mills's pool 'an asset' to firefighters

November 5, 2008

Heather Mills reportedly believes that a swimming pool she had built without planning consent could prove valuable to local firefighters.
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Heather Mills' attempt to persuade planners to let her swimming pool

November 3, 2008

Heather Mills has tried to persuade planners to let her keep a swimming pool built without permission on the grounds that it could be used by firefighters to put out a blaze.
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Heather Mills serveert veggieburgers in The Bronx

October 2, 2008

Door Pascal Theunissen

Heather Mills mag dan vooral bekend zijn vanwege haar relatie met – en scheiding van – Paul McCartney, in The Bronx werkt ze aan een nieuwe nalatenschap. De Britse gaat ervoor zorgen dat alle arme kinderen in dit New Yorkse stadsdeel veggieburgers op het menu krijgen.
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Heather Mills gives $1 million in food aid

September 23, 2008

(Source:marie claire.com)

Heather Mills has donated $1 million worth of vegetarian food to the disadvantaged children of the South Bronx area of New York City. Read the rest of this entry »