Sir Paul McCartney's son James is to release a solo album later this year, according to reports

January 30, 2009

By Daily Telegraph Reporter

The 31-year-old, who has always shunned publicity, has spent the past two years working on a record with the assistance of his father.
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BEATLES George Harrison 1987 2hr 2Lp Radio Show M w/Qs

November 11, 2008

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Beatles Day – Mons

October 2, 2008

Beatlemaniac's scrapbook

September 25, 2008

THE BEATLES A Beatlemaniac’s Scrapbook (This has to be one of the cutest Beatles items of memorabilia that we have ever seen. Somewhere between 1962 & early 1963, a young Liverpudlian girl went to see the current hot local band many times at the Cavern & around the Liverpool area. During that time she collected newspaper clippings & ALL FOUR of the band’s autographs in 1963, each on a separate autograph card!)
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New link for site. (Fea's Let It Be-Beatles and Macca blog)

August 18, 2008

This is the new link of Fea’s Let It Be-Beatles and Macca blog. I have deleted the old one on geocities/yahoo. This new one is a better link. I can do much more than the old one. Just check it out and bookmark it also, if you like my site. The content is still the same as the old one.

Liverpool Productions Invites you to ….

July 27, 2008

For Tickets and More Information go to SheLovesYou!

Beatles Tribute By Paul Logister

July 21, 2008

As a true Beatlefan I’d like to share this video with you…Hope you like it. It’s a kind of ‘thank you Beatles for the music you gave us’ . I wrote the song and recorded it May 2008 in studio 2 at Abbey Road……..

Paul Logister

Que. premier tells reporter to 'relax' and 'have a good time'

July 17, 2008

By Jesse Robichaud
Times & Transcript Staff

As a young man I do not often need much encouragement to “relax” and “have a good time,” and never have I been spoken of in the same breath as Sir Paul McCartney.
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From Liverpool, with luv

July 8, 2008

The former Beatles drummer is touring North America this summer to promote a new album that’s close to his heart.
By Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Unlike most musicians, Ringo Starr looks forward to that feeling he sometimes gets of being on a treadmill. In fact, that’s where he often feels most creative.
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Kelp! Pets save 'Beetles' from yellow sub disaster

April 22, 2008

Ming Ming, Linney and Tuck rescue the ‘fab four’ from an undersea entanglement.


The average Nickelodeon viewer wasn’t born in the same century as the Beatles, but that doesn’t stop the creators of the “Wonder Pets!” series from sharing some good old-fashioned Fab Four fun this evening.
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