McCartney Live In Halifax

The ex-Beatle announced Wednesday he’s “very
happy” to be performing at an outdoor concert on July 11.

“The Canadian audiences are great and the timing
of the event, with the arrival of the Tall Ships,
means that it will be an exciting event for us
all,” McCartney said on his website. “We are
looking forward to rocking in Halifax.”

Local promoters say it will be McCartney’s only
concert in Canada this year and are calling it
the “largest and most exciting” concert in Halifax’s 260-year history.

“This iconic and legendary performer’s presence
in our city will be an historic event for all
Atlantic Canadians,” said Harold MacKay, president of Power Promotional Events.

The concert is expected to attract 60,000 fans ­
10,000 more than the crowd at the Rolling Stones show in September 2006.

Tickets will go on sale May 29 at 9 a.m. AT
through Ticket Atlantic and at participating Atlantic Superstore locations.

Tickets will cost $125 for general admission and
$305 for VIP tickets. Promoters say between 5,000
and 6,000 VIP seats will be available.

Wednesday’s announcement ends the rumours that
have been circulating since McCartney’s
representatives toured the Halifax Common last spring.

Last April, MacKay took McCartney’s senior tour
staff to the park. He said they were impressed
with the site, but there wasn’t enough time to set up an event that summer.

Halifax radio personality J.C. Douglas said he’s
excited to see Paul McCartney perform again.

Douglas has been to McCartney concerts in England
and Montreal but this time, he would like the
chance to meet the former Beatle in person.

“Working in radio, you get to meet a lot of stars
and things and there’s no one I’d rather meet
than Paul McCartney,” Douglas said. “He’s been at
the top of that list for my entire career and I’m
sort of hoping that might happen, I don’t know.”

McCartney is playing a week before KISS headlines
an outdoor concert in the park. That has some
local residents concerned about the potential
damage hosting two big concerts so close to one
another could do to the Halifax Commons.

“In terms of the environment that we all want to
come sit in and spend the afternoon in and the
dogs and sports events, I mean, that’s not as
possible because of these concerts they bring in
and it ruins the property,” M.E. Woodside said.

Last summer, the city placed 30 rolls of plastic
weave on the grounds to protect the grass during
a Keith Urban concert. However, the grass was
uprooted when the covering was removed.

Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly admits that the city
didn’t get everything perfect last summer.

“This is an opportunity for us to see what can
happen,” Kelly said on Wednesday. “This is the
first time back-to-back concerts, too. Same
venue, same staging and other aspects. So for us,
it’s a way of testing things out and making
things better and we learn from the process.”

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