Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon will NOT perform together at the UN

An unconfirmed report says Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon will perform together at the UN Millenium Development Goals Awards Feb. 26. That report, by Roger Friedman of Fox News, is here. If true, it would be a rare live performance by Julian Lennon.

Update: We’ve gotten word from a source that the report about the two playing together at the event is not true.

In a recent MySpace blog, Lennon alluded to a possible performance at the awards, but there was no mention of Sean’s involvement. “I’m in discussion with people from the UN Awards, about possibly performing a track or two for their live inaugural show/event, which I’m very excited about, but also very nervous about, as I haven’t really performed properly for about 8/10 years! They are honoring individuals and companies that have made a difference, and try to make a difference for the betterment of humanitarian and environmental issues. Not dissimilar to what I had envisaged for The White Feather Foundation. Hopefully we’ll be able to join forces & help each other help those in need, including this beautiful planet which we share together.”

He also indicated in the blog that he’s working on a new album.

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