Jong maar niet vernieuwend

November 24, 2008

The Fireman – Electric Arguments
door Merijn de Boer

De oude meester Paul McCartney componeert nog graag en beschikt tegenwoordig over moderne uitrusting. Als een kind in een snoepwinkel huppelt de ex-Beatle op Electric Arguments van instrument naar instrument, onder toezicht van producer Youth.
Paul McCartney en Youth (Martin Glover) zijn groot geworden als bassist: de een bij The Beatles, de ander bij Killing Joke. Read the rest of this entry »

New CDs: McCartney Communes With His Inner Hippie

November 24, 2008

“Electric Arguments”
How does Paul McCartney, 66, follow up “Memory Almost Full,” his grand autumnal (but still chipper) statement on life and mortality? By hiding his name and conjuring one kind of heaven: the 1960s as reconstituted with 21st-century multitracking.
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The Fireman: Electric Arguments

November 23, 2008


Paul McCartney & Youth continue their collaborations as the duo “The Fireman” with their most commercial product yet. You may listen to the whole album over at NPR.
Track listing : Electric Arguments
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The Fireman Cometh: Paul McCartney and Youth's 'Electric Arguments'

November 23, 2008

The Fireman Cometh: Paul McCartney and Youth’s ‘Electric Arguments’
By Eliot Van Buskirk

Paul McCartney and producer Youth collaborated on 13 songs in as many days to make Electric Arguments, their first collaboration in over a decade, and the first to feature vocals.
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The Fireman Paul McCartney-Sing the changes promo CD

November 23, 2008

This is The fireman New album – Sing The Changes CD SINGLE PROMO
( “For Promotional Use Only”.)


Sing The Changes 03:42

Paul & Nancy

November 22, 2008

"The Beatles Forever Band" Hotel Zweifel/Mäling, Euskirchen-Stotzheim

November 22, 2008

Hallo liebe Freunde echter Beatmusik,

da haben wir doch eine nette Nikolausüberraschung für Euch zum Auftritt von “The Beatles Forever Band” und den Oldiespezialisten “Midnight Special” am 06.12. in der Halle des Hotels Zweifel/Mäling in Euskirchen-Stotzheim!
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Forty years on, McCartney wants the world to hear 'lost' Beatles epic

November 22, 2008

George Harrison said it was too avant-garde. Now Sir Paul says the time has come to release 1967’s ‘Carnival of Light’
Vanessa Thorpe, arts and media correspondent (The Observer)

For Beatles fans across the world it has gained near mythical status. The 14-minute improvised track called ‘Carnival of Light’ was recorded in 1967 and played just once in public. It was never released because three of the Fab Four thought it too adventurous.
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Macca denies Eleanor Rigby-"1911 document"

November 22, 2008

Paul McCartney says that the story from last week claiming that Eleanor Rigby is a real person is rubbish.

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The Macca Lad: Paul McCartney On Being A Punk And Avoiding The Credit Crunch

November 21, 2008

The Quietus

Speaking to our friends at the Stool Pigeon newspaper this week, Paul McCartney revealed that he is a fan of the Sex Pistols and that even he worried about the credit crunch. Interview Phil Hebblethwaite. Cover Photography: Steve Gullick

Former Beatle Paul McCartney revealed that he is a fan of punk music – in particular The Sex Pistols and their snarling 1976 yob anthem, ‘Pretty Vacant’. The multi-millionaire also confessed that he was briefly worried about the credit crunch – even though he is one of the world’s richest musicians.
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