Now that's what we (still) call music

(The album cover for the 2nd volume series (including Paul McCartney’s Pipes Of Peace).

Source: The Independent

The ‘definitive’ pop compilation’s 70th volume has become a surprise bestseller on iTunes. Tim Walker revisits the hits of a lifetime

Somewhere at the bottom of a box in the attic is your very first Now! compilation, chock full of what you once called music. Dig it out and you’ll likely find a wide-angle snapshot of the culture just before your tastes crystallised, when the possibilities were still endless, when you could have become a punk or a pop-tart, a raver or a rocker. Now! That’s What I Call Music catered to budding music fans of every stripe. This week, the series’ 70th instalment became the fastest selling compilation ever on iTunes. After 25 years and 2,701 tracks, its curators are still the pop chart’s most successful fashion followers and tastemakers

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