The Paul McCartney Israel concert in the online press

To gave the fans an impression on how much the press did write online about the Paul McCartney Israel gig, I do post a handfull of big news links that have been posting the same news (mostly the same text by the associate press): CNN,Reuters,,, The Celebrity, The Canadian Press,,, Times online, UK, Jerusalem Post, AFP, The Associated Press, BBC Entertainment News, Dot Music com,, Dagblad De Telegraaf (Ned), De Gelderlander (NED),AD dagblad (Ned), and this are a handfull about the same name with mostly the same text on it. if I did not mentioning other source, than you are right, there are now more than 350 articles on Google with the same news. Also I haven’t mentioning the tabloids.
(Fea, who did checked the internet very carefully on this subject)

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