Hal Bruce Inducted To International Beatle Week Hall Of Fame

    International Beatle Week Hall Of Fame Inductee

    Hal Bruce

    Liverpool, England – August 2008

Hal Bruce, full-time musician/singer and world traveler from Nova Scotia has just been inducted to the International Beatle Week Festival “Hall Of Fame” at the Inaugural Ceremony in Liverpool, England.

Hal is the only North American performer to ever receive such an award. The festival which has been running for 25 years and has played host to thousands of entertainers, has decided to honor artists who have made a definite impact and substantial contribution to the most famous Beatle festival in the world! Hal has been playing the festival for nine consecutive years and has made a legion of friends along the way.

Just recently Hal Bruce was inducted as the first recipient of The Hall Of Fame Award at the Abbey Road On The River Beatles Festival in Louisville, Kentucky (www.abbeyroadontheriver.com). While there, he was also awarded a brand new John Lennon Epiphone electric guitar for his continuing contribution to the annual festival.

Also, Hal has set a “world-record” by performing all 214 released Beatles songs in a non-stop medley in Cleveland, Ohio 2004, Louisville, Kentucky 2005, and Liverpool, England 2006.

He also organized his very own Maritime Beatle Event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a one-day festival honoring his heroes, The Beatles, where he performs and organizes all of the acts, regional and international. Next May will mark the 4th Annual Event.

For more info on Hal Bruce, check out his web site at http://www.halbruce.com.

Cavern Music

18 Bellefontaine Court
Lawrencetown, NS B2Z 1L3

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