Review – July 20, 2008 Ringo Starr and His All Star Band Concert

McMenamins Edgefield Manor Should Re-think Their Concert Venue

This year one of McMenamins Edgefield Manor on the Green concerts included Ringo Starr and his All Star Band. The concert afforded those who were quick with Ticketmaster to get the $75.00 Gold Circle seats; however, those who were not so lucky have to purchase the $42.00 on the green general admission.

Ringo and his All Star Band performed magnificently. Playing songs such as Photograph, Dream weaver, Yellow Submarine and many more. His fellow performers included, Billy Squire, Greg Bissonette, Edger Winter, Hamish Stuart, Colin Hay, and Gary Wright. Ringo has put this band together for the past several years performing worldwide. As most will remember Ringo Starr is the drummer from the famous band of the 60’s The Beatles. As a left-handed drummer, he made himself famous with his unique sound on the drum set.

The concert began on time and the Gold Circle appeared to be the most uncomfortable area of the setting as it was seating directly in the 87-degree sunshine. The green remained cool and shaded throughout the concert until dark.

Nothing bad could be reported regarding Ringo and his band’s performance at Edgefield. However, when you purchase your tickets Edgefield tells you that you can only bring in a chair that sits no higher than 19 inches from the ground. If your chair measures more they send you away (which they did several people). Edgefield proudly states that it is a sit down concert on the green. Now to me that means everyone will be seated and if not they will be along the sides or in the isles. Yes excitement dictates that you stand and move to the music, however, Edgefield allowed Handicapped individuals into the green and set their area in such a manner that a good view of the stage was impossible for them. If Edgefield Manor cares for their clientele then perhaps they should move the handicap area closer to the stage.

At one point, I actually ask the people in front of us to sit down and I was informed with some very foul language that I could leave if I did not like it. Another let down was that McMenamins staff told the crowd at the beginning that the funds from the concert were helpful in their fight against leaving a “carbon footprint” on our world when we leave. However, the crowd decided to leave their garbage lying around on the grounds; everything from paper boxes to broken chairs to beer cans that the Manor served.

There were also a several beverage booths and food booths at the venue where you could purchase a cold hard hamburger that had lettuce and tomato on it sitting on a counter for who knows how long. The drinks were poured into plastic cups to keep cans off the green but the beer drinkers brought their cans to the green. Edgefield Manor needs to be strong on their stand for our environment. It is not in their best interest to state one thing and then do and allow another to happen on their grounds. Edgefield Manor itself is a fantastic hotel, renovated from the old Poor House here in the metro Portland area. Edgefield does invite you to stay after the concerts and partake of their spirits in any one of their local pubs or restaurants. All in all Ringo Starr and his All Star Band are a great show and worth seeing if they come to your local town. However not much can be said by this writer about the treatment of the crowd at the hands of McMenamins Edgefield Manor and their running of this venue.

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