Do you want to know a secret?

Billy J. Kramer and Pattie Boyd spoke at the Vegas Fest.

Billy spoke about getting songs from Paul and John, and his manager, who was also the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein. He said Brian never got the credit he deserved, and he should be in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. He said Brian was very caring and thoughtful, sending everyone Christmas cards, and that it was a very big blow to him when Brian died. Like the Beatles, without Brian he had to learn how hard the record business was.

Pattie Boyd spoke about growing up, getting into modeling and finally meeting George Harrison because of getting a small part in the movie A Hard Day’s Night, but she told the story this time with a twist that delighted fans in the audience. She said that George came up to her after that first day of shooting on the film, the only day she was scheduled for, and asked her to Marry Him! Thinking he was kidding, she ignored him, and when he saw that, he asked her to dinner instead, but she said she couldn’t, because she had a boyfriend.

Luckily, Pattie was called back for an unplanned second day of filming, and in the interim had realized what a mistake she had made, and when George asked her to dinner again this second time, she said yes, having had dumped the boyfriend in the interim.

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