Paul McCartney it will arrive to the Ukraine

Following [Eltonom] by John to the main area of our country will step legendary Paul’s foot [Makkartni]. As said the organizer of this concert, Maecenas and businessman Victor [Pinchuk], “30 years ago this cannot be presented, 10 years ago about this it was possible only to dream. Five years ago we could only envy to the neighbors, for whom this became reality. And it here began today”.

The negotiations about the arrival of the star to the Ukraine Of [pinchuk], according to him, it conducted four years. And here in autumn last year it obtained from [Makkartni] letter with the confirmation. It is interesting that was signed it simply “Paul”.

Kiev already visited the command of artist, including his impresario Barry [Marshal]. They held the date of conducting concert to the latter in the secret so that there would be no speculations around the event. On Friday in the morning communication about the concert in Kiev was hung out on the official site of musician. Such precautions are connected with the fact that sir Paul it does not lately give concerts. In the essence, this its first large of [solnik] after long silence.

Victor [Pinchuk] does not hide, that entire life he was the fan of the group “of the Beatles”. “I consider it very important that the Ukrainians would hear the [vzhivuyu] song Of [u]esterday”, reported Maecenas and even he sang the first line of Heath.

By the way, with the Ukraine [Makkartni] it connects several curious histories. First, in well-known Heath “the Beatles” Of back to of the USSR there is a phrase about us of those loved: “… beautiful of ukrainian of girls”. But in the second place, several years ago on the concert in Peter sir Paul in response to the greeting of Ukrainian fans suddenly take and say into the microphone: I send my of love to Of ukraine (“I I transfer its love to the Ukraine”). Well as to it after similar not to visit in our guests?!

Concert on Maydana will begin into 21.00 on June 14 (Saturday). And it will be in straight ether transmitted by new channel.
[Makkartni] already devised name for the Ukrainian appearance: Independence Of concert (“the concert Of [nezavismosti]”).
It is planned to organize the straight translation of the appearance of legend on the large screens in several cities.
Entrance to the concert will be free. Organizers insist, that the arrival Of [makkartni] – this is noncommercial action, and furthermore, completely apolitical.
Besides the concert, sir Paul [prezentuet] in Kiev the exhibition of his artistic works. 40 pictures, written by oil, will be put out into PincukArtCenter. Exhibition will be prolonged month.

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