Control about John Lennon

Creator Of Ian Curtis Bipoic To Make John Lennon Film

Shaveta Bansal – Celebrity News Service Writer

New York, NY (CNS) – Mancunian writer Matt Greenhalgh, who wrote the
screenplay of “Control,” a biopic about the late rock singer Ian
Curtis, is writing a film about Beatles legend John Lennon.
“Control,” which is based on the book “Touching From a Distance,” by
Curtis’ wife, Deborah, is due to be released in October.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Greenhalgh said
that his new project will focus on Lennon’s pre-Beatle years, when he
lived with his strict Aunt Mimi.

“The film is called Lennon and details John’s adolescent years,
pre-Beatlemania. It came to me off the back of Control – the
producers of Lennon saw Control and then asked me if I’d consider
doing their script for them,” he told the paper.

“It wasn’t a particularly hard decision for me to say yes,” he added.

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