Rubber Soul, Murrieta

Special to The Press-Enterprise

The Beatle tribute band “Rubber Soul” will be among the featured acts at the annual Block Party April 13-15 in downtown Murrieta. From left, Larry Stuppy, Nick Giacalone, Steve Anfinson, Greg Villa and Joe Pederson, right.

The band was formed about a year ago with all its members from Murrieta. Unlike the real thing, this band features five members, including a musical likeness to the late Billy Preston, who often joined the Fab Four on their albums.

The five members are Steve (John) Anfinson, on lead vocals and guitar; Larry (George) Stuppy, on guitar and vocals; Joe (Paul) Pederson, on bass guitar and lead vocals; Greg (Ringo) Villa on drums; and Nick (Billy Preston) Giacalone, on keyboards.

Giacalone is the newest member of the group. He was mainly self-taught and his influences range from classical to blues.

Villa was a guitarist for many years but has since started dedicating many months to studying Ringo’s drumming technique. Villa actually started the drums at age 2, playing a red-sparkle drum kit. By age 15 he was playing in a classic rock group.

Villa met Anfinson and they formed their own band called Evelyn’s Nightmare. At one point Villa said, “We should really do a Beatles cover band.” Now they are the founding members of Rubber Soul.

Anfinson, at age 15, started playing a nylon string guitar and has been performing since.

“I have a passion for the Beatles. In a weird kind of way growing up with them, they seem like family to me,” he said.

Stuppy has been playing guitar and singing since his early teens. He majored in music at Palomar College. He graduated from the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood in 1988.

Pederson performed in Los Angeles area clubs after moving from Minnesota. In the 1970s and ’80s, he and his band opened for such acts as Tom Petty, Eddie Money and Steven Stills.

“We’re doing this to have fun, make money and it is something that doesn’t jeopardize our real jobs,” Stuppy said.

The Murrieta Block Party kicks off on Friday at 4:30 p.m. in downtown Murrieta. Rubber Soul will take the main stage from 7 to 10 p.m. on April 14.

Information: 951-255-2086.

Reach Hope Pierson at 951-375-3732 or

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