Paul McCartney calls & PW Interview

Saturday fun day (by Terry Moore)

Am I the only one blown away by David Mack getting a call from Paul McCartney to do art on an album because Paul is a fan of David’s work? (David & Paul) JEEEZ-LOUISE! I’ve read about that twice this week. Paul McCartney?!?!?! Are you kidding me? And I’ve talked to David since that happened and he never mentioned a word about it. Okay, David… that is TOO humble, know what I mean? That is huge amounts of humility and massives amounts of down-to-earthyness that crushes the rest of us beneath it’s humongous zenness. And what’s more— I hate to tell you this buddy— you’re not the first artist Paul called. Oh no. Let’s take the Way-Back machine to five minutes before you got that magic call from the Macca.


“‘allo, Terry? Paul McCartney here.”

“Right. What’s up, Jim (McLauchlin)?”

“No, seriously, *chuckle* it’s me, Paul. Listen, I’m a really big fan of your…”

“Is this Beau Smith? Beau, you sorry son of a…”

“Terry, look, I saw your book… nice pictures by the way… and I was wondering if you might work with me on something for me new album. You know, I paint a bit meself. We could swap… your art for this huge mural I’m working on of me and the lads in our heyday.”

“This is the worst Beatle impression I’ve ever heard.”

“Or if you like, I could write a theme song for your book… help you get a movie deal so people everywhere could hear me new song.”

“If you’re Paul, who was the walrus.”

“I was.”

“Oh, you’re good. You’re very good.”

“Look, Terry, I’m a busy man…”

“What was the 9th track on the second mix-down pass of the drum kit on Rocky Raccoon?”

“I have no idea.”

“Ah HA! Gotcha, fool! Fess up!”


“Hello? Still there?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have David Mack’s number, would ya?”

Sad, but true… like Dan Brown’s book, all true, every word. Truthyness abounds around here. On a less Fab note, I forgot to post this earlier, an interview with Publisher’s Weekly about the end of SiP. Cheers!

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    Nice comments. Well, time to take a break and go download some nice…

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