beatles – apple inc.

Rumors are floating that Apple may be updating their product line tomorrow.

ThinkSecret believes that display price drops, or perhaps the rumored display update may be the focus of the update, with Clovertown-based (8-core) Mac Pros perhaps in tow.

Meanwhile, AppleInsider believes that the update will come in the form of an additional iPod model. The site is careful to note that the new model is not expected to be anything revolutionary, but rather possibly a new color or new edition of the iPod. Such an introduction could see a rumored Beatles special-edition iPod, or a 2 GB (Product) RED iPod Nano.


Of course, the possibility remains that both (or neither) sites’ scenarios could come true. A check of MacRumors’ Buyers Guide indicates that while none of the products mentioned are in dire need of an update, sufficient time has passed for each product that an update would not be unexpected.


Page 2: Four $79 products on Tuesday? – we’ve received more confirmation that 4 $79 items are coming, likely iPod shuffles.

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