BEATALLICA: Midwest Dates Announced

Milwaukee-based BEATALLICA, a satirical mashup act whose hilarious schtick marries the songwriting prowess of the BEATLES to the deep-throated rock growl of METALLICA, has lined up the following dates during February/March:

Feb. 23 – Nite Cap � Chicago, IL
Mar. 03 – 4 Stools Short – Wisconsin Rapids
Apr. 13 – Vnuk’s Lounge – Milwaukee (Cudahy), WI

BEATALLICA last year announced the addition of guitarist Grg Hammettson to the group’s ranks. “He brings with him many years of experience in playing live, travelling, recording, being a BEATLES maniac and a heavy metal maniac,” the group writes on its web site. “We were really looking for someone to fill the bill in all the important aspects of the position and we believe we’ve been lucky enough to land the right dude. . . We are hyped to have him in the fold and we’re sure you’ll be rocked silly once you see and hear him.”

BEATALLICA in 2005 received help from METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich in their dispute with the Sony Corporation over BEATALLICA‘s “unlawful use” of the group’s compositions “without authorization or license.” The case has since been resolved, with BEATALLICA being allowed once again to operate their web site,, and continue performing their patented blend of BEATLES tunes in a METALLICA style.

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