Three kisses from Starr

By The Evening Chronicle

You are right, the first time the Beatles came to Newcastle it was not
that difficult getting a ticket when they played at The Majestic in
Westgate Road.

I can remember in those days my friends and I went to Guys and Dolls
which was on the fifth floor of a building in Pink Lane, opposite the
famous Bowers restaurant.

I was 17. This is where I heard Love Me Do, the Beatles first record, and
I knew instinctively this was totally different to anything I had heard

We also used to go to the Majestic every Sunday night and came to know
the staff.

My friend and I bought two tickets when we heard the Beatles were coming.
A member of staff said he would try to get their autographs for us. On
the night my friend, who was working, took her recently-bought Beatles
LP. I couldn’t afford that, being a schoolgirl, so I took a page out of
one of the pop magazines of ! the day with their picture on.

When they came on to the stage the girls at the front surged forward and
screamed their heads off.

At the end of the performance, we were asked if we wanted to go in to
meet them.

I was feeling very shy so our staff friend took our LP and photograph
into them and duly emerged a couple of minutes later with them signed by
all the Beatles, plus three kisses from Ringo!

I still have my souvenir of that evening.

ANN BREWIS, Meadowfield Road, Stocksfield.

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