Welcome to Beatles Unlimited Magazine

B.U. MAGAZINE is a bimonthly magazine concerning everything connected
with The Beatles, both as a group and as solo artists as well as their
family members. Published in the Netherlands, BEATLES UNLIMITED
appears worldwide in the English language. With correspondents
in over twenty countries and members in over 45 countries, the magazine
is one of the world’s leading Beatles fanzines. It includes 60 pages,
printed on wood-free paper with many unique photos. It contains
exclusive interviews with many Beatle (-related) people, Paul, his
band, George, Ringo, Yoko, Julian etc. You’ll find in-depth articles on
the Beatles history and regular sections with new books, charts,
videos, audio in all formats, bootlegs, international news, gossip,
local news from Liverpool and a regular column by author Bill Harry,
who is part of the Beatles incrowd!

The Organisation

Dutch branch of The Official Beatles Fan Club was founded with Brian
Epstein’s/NEMS permission on the 10th of November 1963 and celebrates
its 40-year anniversary now. It is the oldest and longest existing
Beatles fan club in the world. Beatles Unlimited Magazine (in English)
was founded on the 10th of April 1975 to satisfy the demand of the
growing foreign interest in the Beatles after the UK fan club ceased to
exist early ‘71. Both are part of BEATLES UNLIMITED.


year, on Easter Saturday, BEATLES UNLIMITED organises its annual
International Beatles Convention at the Music centre Vredenburg,
Utrecht, Netherlands, next is 26th of March 2005. This annual event,
the biggest on the European continent, has been held since 1980, with a
Beatles market, exhibitions, an auction, films, video and laserdisc
shows, a quiz, speakers and live music. Famous Beatles sound alike
bands (Bootleg Beatles, Instant Karma, Lenny Pane, Pete Best and
others) performed at these conventions. Through the years B.U. has
welcomed guests such as Pete Best, Louise Harrison, Laurence Juber,
Denny Laine, Cynthia Lennon, Mike McCartney, Henry McCullough, Jimmy
Nicol, Tony Sheridan & many others.



For any questions concerning The Beatles or BU Magazine, please feel
free to contact us (see above for contact details). For questions by
mail, please enclose 1 IRC (International Reply Coupon) for answer.
Personal contact by phone: 31-30-6063678 every Tuesday between 7 and 9

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